Publishers Point of View

This has been a hard week for the Jewish community. By the time you read this paper, no doubt, the neverending news cycle will have moved on from Pittsburgh. The tone will most likely start to soften and life will continue with whatever the media deems to be important that day. Far be it from me to comment on what happened in Pittsburgh. Far be it from any of us, I believe. The immediate inclination is to try to make sense of it all. To try to understand why Hashem allowed this to happen. To judge the judge the people involved. Enough. We don't know. None of us do.

What we all do know, however, is that none of us will be here forever. That this life of ours, this tiny portion of our existence, is relatively short-lived. We are here for a purpose and Hashem is in charge. That's right, Hashem is in charge. Everything he does is for the good. Everything that happens is for the good. That's it in a nutshell. Believe it or not, but that's the facts. What is our individual purpose? What is our collective purpose? You know. I know. Each of us understands intuitively what he or she should be doing. There's a definitive way Hashem wants us to live and it's clear as day. We have the blueprint...

I hope you find the articles and columns in this paper inspiring and uplifting, particularly in light of what just happened in Pittsburgh. Many special people have contributed to this edition of the Monsey Times and we'd love to hear from you.....and, If you look close enough, the sparks of the blueprint will jump right off the pages, comforting and elevating all of us.

 All the best,
Barry Mase
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