Nesia to Kivrei Tzaddikim

On Monday afternoon, a distinguished group of travelers, led by the Kossoner Rebbe of Forshay, Rav Chaim Leibish Rottenburg shlit’a, left JFK airport for a seven-day journey to the Kivrei Tzaddikm of Eastern Europe. The trip will have the group moving almost continuously as they travel from Poland, through Galicia, Hungary and ending up in the Ukraine. The Rebbe will be leading the proceedings, with divrei Torah and historical information about all the Gedolim and mekomos hakedoshim they will be visiting. The ambitious itinerary starts in Reisha and moves onto Lizhensk and the kever of the heiliga Noam Elimelech zy”a. From there, they will travel to Belz, Komarna, Razla and Ziditchov, before turning south on to Munkatch and Kosson.

In Kosson, the Rebbe will visit the kever of his elter zeida, the Bnei Shileishim, Rav Yehoisef Rottenburg zt”l, on the day of his yahrzeit, 23 Cheshvan, and conduct a yahrzeit seudah there. From there, they will travel to Bishtina, Kossov, Kitov and Sadigora, before arriving in Mezhibuzh at the tziyon the heiliga Baal Shem Tov on Friday.

A truly inspirational Shabbos will be spent in Mezhibuzh, followed by a Seudas Melava Malka, led again by the Rebbe shlit’a.

Sunday morning, they will move on to Polnoa, Anipoli, Shpitkova and finally end up in Berditchev, by the Kedushas Levi, R’ Levi Yitzchok zy”a.

Monday morning, they will drive to Kiev where they board their flight back to NY.

 by Monsey Jewish Times staff