News and Views From Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim

Ohr Chaim Community Learning Center – in conjunction with their Yarchei Kallah – hosted a Legal Holiday Program on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22, on the topic: “Tcheiles Today – Have we identified the Chilazon?”

Opening remarks were delivered by Rabbi Chaim Oberlander, who discussed the various types of techeiles that have been used over the decades, starting with the Radziner, who was the trailblazer in discovering and implementing the use of techeiles in recent history.

There was a Video Presentation: “Techeiles it’s not black and white” – the first viewing of this riveting and popular presentation on the Techeiles debate. The prime purpose of this presentation was to educate the public at large of both the pros and cons of wearing techeiles. The video elaborated on both sides – explaining the rationale behind both viewpoints, both the reasons “to wear” and the reasons “not to wear.” It seems to have been a great success in doing just that, as one listener claimed that there was much more said to promote techeiles, and yet another listener claimed the opposite – that he heard more information that discouraged its wearing.

The Video Presentation was followed by Q & A panel, with Rabbi Yitzchok Silber, Rosh Kollel Ohr Chaim, and Rabbi Yisroel Rosenberg, Mechaber Sefer Mareh Harakia & Tolaas Yaakov, who fielded questions from both sides.

The Night Kollel hosted a shiur, on Wednesday Night, November 21st – given by Rabbi Yechezkel Auerbach, Kashrus Coordinator for NPGS in Lakewood, and renowned kashrus expert. The topic was the kashrus status of various cheeses manufactured in contemporary facilities. He discussed at length how there are some fancy cheeses that need to sit for a long time, and one must be extremely vigilant in regards to the use of the rennet. He also explained why some cheeses are “six hour cheeses,” because they have similar elements to meat, where the taste remains in one’s mouth for many hours.

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Melaveh Malka/Siyum

The Kollel Boker had a Melaveh Malka and a Siyum on Meseches Rosh Hashanah. Feelings of harmony and camaraderie permeated the evening’s event. Long-time member, R’ Eliyahu Kaufman made the siyum, and our very own R’ Moshe Felsenberg spoke, pointing out the great benefits one has entering 18 Forshay each and every morning, and reaping the benefits of a daily kevius, before the tumult of the day begins – setting the tone for the entire day.

Rabbi Scheiner spoke briefly, pointing out how the dedication and devotion of the kollel members. Their consistent diligence and perseverance – day in and day out – is what facilitated reaching this great milestone.

The evening was also graced with the presence of Rabbi Lankry, who extolled the virtues of the kollel members – the ones connecting the heavens and the earth.