Letters To The Editor

Dearest Ben,

I read your letter to the editor last week about why you don’t vaccinate and was quite disturbed. You asked that we don’t judge you negatively; in fact, I judge you ignorantly, as I will explain:

On the subject of vaccines, I don’t think it takes a whole lot of schooling to come to the very obvious conclusion about the pros, pros and PROS in vaccinating. Now without going into the “fleish of the sugya,” let me present you some proof from a non-expert point of view why you are obligated to vaccinate your kids - without bringing you a whole line of medical studies (that you’ll have no idea if they’re authentic or if I made them up). Number one: vaccinating is a basic scientific fact. Our bodies produce antibodies which protect a person in the future in case he gets sick with the full dose of the disease. One doesn’t need to be a lab professor to know that! In fact vaccines are mentioned by Chazal. The Gemara (see Yuma 83a) tells us that if a person gets bitten by a dog with rabies you should feed him from her liver - just like they do today if a person gets bitten by a poisonous snake! Vaccines, huh?!

Number two, you say that recent medical research suggest that the vaccines are causing all types of terrible side effects, i.e. autism, diabetes, ADHD, allergies, eczema etc. Now I would like to add if I may; the shidduch crisis, car crashes, addiction to the smart (dumb) phones, the unprecedented desire to go to planet Mars, etc. to name a few. There a NO studies whatsoever to what you mentioned! Not a single one! I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find them and... Nothing! Only suggestions and theories, no proven study or even statistic to back up these ridiculous ideas. And if you ask why “ridiculous”? I will tell you. Number three. There are hundreds of thousands of doctors, researchers and millions of educated people in the world that understand very well the pros and obligations to vaccinate, and yet here comes a small group of “super high-functioning power-brains” that think they know better then the whole world! I mean let’s face the facts, 99% of people that got the measles recently, were not vaccinated. (Which is quite something by itself). Now let’s ask them how many of them are autistic, have diabetes, ADHD etc. - now that we know who they are.... Well, I don’t have to elaborate much more, the conclusion is obvious. Just a bunch of holistic healers trying to promote themselves and nebach, people like you fall for them time and time again (besides the issurim involved in using them, see the recently published sefer ‘Rav Belsky on Alternative Medicine’).

Now I plead with you, smart tayera yidden, PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR ALL THIS GARBAGE! We’re supposed to be the “am navon v’chacham” - not ignorant ducklings following blindly behind some holistic manipulator, wringing your pockets of all your last remaining kopeks! Use the smart intelligent minds you were granted from our concerned Father in Heaven and recalculate your devastating decision to put your kids - ultimately all the kids of your family and friends - at risk to some horrible diseases that have horrible repercussions.

With concern from the depths of my heart,

Isaac Hofkorn




Dear Editor,

My immune system was compromised due to chemotherapy. The shots that I received when I was a kid, and the immunity my body built up against any viruses from my vaccinations have been wiped out. Chemotherapy killed my whole immune system, both good parts of it and bad.

My oncologist said that it is too dangerous for me to get vaccinated again because my body won’t be able to even fight the vaccine. That being said, anyone who BY CHOICE does not get vaccinated puts me at risk.

If I get the Measles CH”V, it is “Sakonas Nefashos Mammesh”. Simply put, anyone that doesn’t get vaccinated is a “Rodef.” I already have more worries than many others. What right do you have to give me this new worry?

Please vaccinate and stop being selfish.

Your Neighbor



Dear Editor,

The following is a song that was written in memory of Rav Shimon Rosengarten zt”l, whose yahrtzeit was recently, and sung by the girls in Bas Mikroh Girls School. The lyrics tell you all you need to know about the type of person he was.


A tiny spark was burning,

Deep within your heart,

To be mechanech others,

Your Torah to impart.


A tiny seed was planted,

In the basement of your

You nurtured it until it

And now a garden’s grown.


Each day the seeds you watered,

With the “mayim” that is Torah,

Each day the sun caressed it,

Your warmth it was the Orah.


The roots were firmly grounded,

By your strong sense of truth,

And with tefillah and bitachon,

You watched those buds burst through.



Oh how can we express our thanks,

For all that we’ve become,

You made us into who we are,

As true Bnos Yisroel.

We’re the fruit of Bas Mikroh,

And were proud where we come from,

Rabbi Rosengarten,

Look at what you’ve done.


With the Rebbetzin at your side,

You toiled day by day,

With love and smiles you showed us both,

The Torah’s pleasant way.

The only comfort we can offer,

Will be your ultimate praise,

We hope we all can follow,

The path that you have blazed...


אילן אילן oh mighty tree,

במה אברכך,

You’re rooted firmly in the ground,

בדרך התורה.

You stand tall and majestic,

Your leaves spread far and wide,

Providing shade and shelter,

To all who come nearby.


Your fruits are moist, and oh,
so sweet,

It seems you’re truly blessed,

So what can we say to you,

Is there one beracha left?


The only comfort we can offer,

And it’s your ultimate praise,

שכל נטיעות שנוטעים ממך

We’ll follow in your ways.


Dear Editor,

I want to get this topic off my chest. Why do all the stores need to sell tons of donuts before Chanukah? It is totally misguided and has nothing to do with the spirit of the Yom Tov. It’s bad enough all the pizza that the kids eat. Who started this mishigas?

Donuts are extremely unhealthy and they don’t do anything besides make kids fat. They’re also deep fried which is saturated fat which is much more unhealthy than regular fat. Kids are exposed to so much junk food, that we need to tone it down. On top of that, they are so expensive - back when I was a kid they were $0.45 a piece, now they’re over a dollar!

We need to put an end to this.

Health Nut0