Surviving the Winter With a Rear Wheel Drive Vehicle

Once all of our vehicles were rear wheel drive. Today most cars have a traction control feature. This feature is meant to prevent the wheels from spinning out of control under extreme weather conditions. It assists driving on snow and ice and helps prevent spin outs.

Here are some common sense tips to help us survive the winter with a rear wheel drive car.

1- take it slowly.

speeding will make a dangerous situation spin out of control. In slippery weather don’t be too hard on the brakes. This could make the vehicle spin out of control.

2- feather the brakes

in other words hit the brakes and gas pedal lightly, and steer the steering wheel gently.

3- leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. In the pre winter snow storm we had here 2 weeks ago, (the end of November 2018) drivers in Monsey were almost hugging each other trying to get home quickly. This was not the time to rush. Under these conditions we need to use common sense and drive defensively.

4- If you are having a problem, do put on the hazard lights to worn others so as not to cause an unintended accident.

5- When the wheels start slipping and the car starts to skid, take your foot off the brakes and gently steer the car in the direction of the skid. When you feel that the car starts gripping the road again slowly maneuver the car back on course.

6- If the car is at a dead stop, go to second gear to avoid the wheels from spinning when you start driving again.

7- when turning – do it slowly and don’t accelerate. This too will prevent the car from spinning out.

8- Go easy on the gas pedal and do not hold on to the steering wheel for dear life if your car starts to skid.

If you hold on tightly you might panic and the whole vehicle might jerk in the wrong direction.

9- Don’t freak out when you hear the pump motor turn on. This is not the time to be afraid of the anti lock feature in your car.

10- It is very important (at all times) especially in winter weather with snow and ice on the road to have good tires.

Some times people want to save a few dollars and purchase cheap tires, but the few dollars saved might not do the proper job in the snow and ice.

The most important winter weather driving to is to SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN

And if I forgot to mention it SLOW DOWN.

Have a safe drive

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by Elia Shoham