Letters To The Editor: Don’t You See?

A small vocal group of ’jews’, were מוציא שם רע on other Jews, falsely accusing the yeshivas of not providing an adequate secular education. The government accepted their claims at face value without checking the facts. Our children face the same threat as in the time of the Yivanim- no more Torah learning chas v’sholom.

We are righteously protesting this travesty to our religious freedom.

On a parallel plane, I can’t help but to compare it to a different, but similar situation.

A small group of vocal Yidden, were מוציא שם רע on a group of frum Yidden, falsely accusing them of jeopardizing the health of others. This too was based on falsified data, and yet it was accepted as fact without being investigated.

How many children are now out of school, or who were coerced to go against their Daas Torah and submitted to an acknowledged Sakana, in order to be allowed in school.

Why should the government accept our protests of religious freedom, when we ourselves are suggesting that following the p’sak of those Rabbonim who feel it is אסור to vaccinate will be told- ‘no that’s not our religion.’

Now the government is doing the same thing regarding educating our youth.

Have we brought this on ourselves? Is Hashem sending us a message?

We didn’t protest about the kids who are not allowed into yeshiva, and now the government is just finishing the job. We were ‘more machmir’ than the public schools and we expelled children, now the government is being ‘machmir’ on us and asking for more hours from our children than from the public schools.

Can we plead religious freedom on the one hand, and not on the other? Some people are even saying that a frum Jew cannot have a religious objection to vaccines. We are not a homogenous group, there are many Rabbonim who pasken differently on issues. That has always been a part of Klal Yisroel, but I fear that the name calling and sinah that this debate has engendered is a big kitrug on us.

I cry myself to sleep over it.

Hopefully it is not too late to restore Shalom in Klall Yisroel.

In that זכות , may this terrible גזירה be rescinded.


A Yiddishe mama