Letters To The Editor: Anti-vaxxers vs. Safety of Communities in which they live

Both secular and Jewish newspapers are rife with articles discussing the new plague that has hit our communities, or should I say more accurately, the resurgence of formerly eradicated diseases such as Whooping Cough and the Measles, to cite the most recent examples.What is sorely missing from the discussion however, are the "innocent victims" who fall ill due to the misinformed parents who think that they are protecting their children WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT TO US, who despite being immunized against diseases still fall ill.

I, am a Senior Citizen, who despite being up-to-date with my booster shots, due to the resurgence of Whooping Cough, I was afflicted with the disease three years ago. As a result, my immune system remains compromised affecting my quality of life.

I repeat:  Why are we, the innocent victims of these irresponsible decisions, the forgotten population here? Why are we never part of the discussion?

 Penina Metal