Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor:

 The political mystery of today is how Governor Cuomo in his third term in office and Hillary Clinton, the former candidate for President of the United States, have united in unifying the Democratic Senate and Assembly to destroy the rights of women to protect their fetus.

But there is really no mystery. Both Governor Cuomo and Hillary Clinton want more than anything in the world to be President of the United States. They realized that the loss of Hillary to Trump was the triumph of people who believed in morality over the generation of the sixties.  The solution they devised was to destroy the biblical honor of women and their babies with hideous new laws that take away the right to punish with courts the destruction of a fetus.

You will surely ask how in the world I invented such a logic. I will reply, that I personally grew up in the sixties. In fact, I came to Lakewood Yeshiva to study under Rabbi Aharon Kotler when I was a tripling lad of seventeen. This was about the year 1960, two years before Reb Aharon died. For those two years I pestered him constantly with my Talmudic questions and answers, and finally I penetrated his screen of rejection and he answered my questions one at a time calmly and with an obvious enjoying of talking to me. But those in the secular colleges were going in a different direction.

I later studied under the Gaon Reb Moshe Feinstein, went through the same process of getting battered and hanging on, until the day came when I wrote a Torah sefer which contained the extremely warm endorsement of Geonei HaDor Reb Moshe Feinstein and Reb Yaacov Kaminetsky zt”l.

Well, to get back to our discussion about Cuomo and Hillary, that is how I did things in the sixties. But other people who went to secular college were terrified because of the Viet Nam War, a war that was never really won by America, but America simply decided one day to get up and leave, and eventually, turn back to befriend Viet Nam. The college encouraged students to respond to how they were treated by violating morality. Timothy Leary of Harvard taught students to imbibe drugs that destroyed the brain so that they could “think new thoughts.”

The Clintons husband and wife grew up in that era. In fact, the immorality of the sixties remained in America until this day. And those who retain its memory are backing Cuomo and Hillary. Clinton in his second term was impeached for an affair with a White House intern but it was overturned by the Senate.

Bill Clinton became President of the US on Jan 20, 1993 and was President for two terms. Thus, he was a sixties person thirty years earlier. Hillary is now showing how terrible that period was in her effort to destroy biblical morality.

It is therefore our task today to arouse all biblical and moral people to restore the America that existed before the sixties destroyed the destroyers of women and babies, Cuomo and Hillary.

How do we do this? First of all, we must contact all organizations and religious groups of men and women who are moral and biblical and arouse them to go public with their demand for morality and get that into the newspapers. Secondly, there are thousands of deeply sensitive and biblical people who are doing nothing to fight Cuomo and Hillary. We must arouse them to go to Albany and even New York City with strong populations who will get into the newspapers opposing the destroyers of women and fetuses. Thirdly, we have to create large funding to pay for the buses, the radio shows, etc. that are necessary to defeat the goals of the destroyers of babies and women.

There is a teaching in the Talmud that just prior to the arrival of Moshiach, a generation will arrive that will turn good into evil at many levels, including leaders of the generation denying HaShem. But the solution says the Talmud is to turn to HaShem, who guides the world with light and kindness. Let us get to work, and HaShem will shine His holy light on our efforts.

 David Eidensohn