A Tree Grows in Pomona

The brain, which stores one’s memory, is an amazing creation of Hashem. Wouldn’t you agree?

Since moving to this area recently, I am pleasantly surprised, as well as uplifted by long-stored away memories/impressions as well as experiences dating back decades, not only to my childhood, but in addition, to the earliest years of married life, which offer me tremendous comfort as I continue to adjust to the changes that have occurred in this journey called “Life.”

For example, when I was growing-up I used to love gazing outside of my bedroom window appreciating MY backyard tree.

During my first year of marriage, while completing my studies at Stern College, I needed to live closer to the school, so we rented an apartment in the Bronx. I had never lived in an apartment before and certainly not in what was fast becoming an inner city of sorts. I pined away for my precious tree.

A few years later, my husband accepted a position at what was known in the early 1970’s as The Yeshiva of Hartford. I still remember the joy I experienced when upon awakening the first morning in our garden apartment, I could once again gaze at several trees as I peeked out of one of our bedroom windows.

A few years later, our travels took us to the UK during which time my husband served as an Air Force Chaplain. (Our adventures during the tour will be saved for another time!) I had no time to dream of trees, but it was humorous at times living in a secure Air Force base. For instance, I was expecting my first child and still chuckle when I recall the military policeman advising me, that despite my joyful condition, I was advised that “Yes, Miss, you can cross (the road) now!”

Back to the US we came and settled in Crown Heights for several decades.

I sorely missed my tree.

I suppose that one could say that Hashem indeed has a sense of humor because now I not only have the pleasure of one tree in my backyard, I have an entire FOREST!

Hodu LaShem Ki Tov, Ki L’Olam Chasdo!

Penina Metal is a graduate of Stern College for Women. A free-lance writer, she focuses primarily on topics of Jewish interest.