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The wonderful 8-week Shovavim Program has come to the end. Being that this year is a leap year, this Monmouth kiddush hashem lasted for a full two months, with the additional two weeks of Teruma and Tetzaveh. At the culmination of the program, the esteemed Forshay Rebbe, Rabbi Chaim Leibish Rottenberg Shlita, spoke this past Friday morning, at 6:30AM, about the great heights one can reach in these auspicious days, and how to keep the momentum going throughout the year.

One pair of chavrusos commented that they have been learning together for many years every Thursday night/Friday morning, ever since they were yeshiva bochurim in the Mir, over a decade ago. They added that after enjoying the six-week program last year, they tried to continue it, but it only lasted for one week! Without the ruach of the many learning together in 18 Forshay, it just didn’t go. So they are very excited to be back once again. In addition, there was even a whole group of bochurim with their rebbi from Yeshiva Tiferes Tzvi, who came to be a part of this grand Kiddush Hashem.

All in all, with approximately 100 attendees each week – and some weeks even more – learning for three hours in one shot, brings us up to close to 3,000 hours (!) of learning b’ritzifus. This amazing feat took place with much of the population still asleep, making this achievement all the more remarkable!

Another fascinating vignette from this year’s Shovavim Nachas Files:

Someone who has been a solid member of the program, ever since it started mentioned privately that this serves as a catalyst for him to continue this 4-7AM marathon learning – throughout the year. Not only that, but for the last five years, he hasn’t missed this seder, through thick and thin. This includes the time when he was traveling on a transatlantic flight to Eretz Yisroel, and he made sure to learn during those hours. And even the morning after marrying off a daughter and going to sleep at 2AM, he was up again at 4, for this special seder! One can never seize to be amazed at the enormous power that this initiative has – both during these weeks, the time of the group effort, as well as how it has served as a springboard for extra learning throughout the year!

Сourtesy of the Ohr Chaim Learning Center

by Shmuel Zitter