Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor, your paper is the only one of the others that has more real news then “glutinous” ads. In a previous issue, there were two letters to the editor. I would like to comment on both. One was about the pro-non vaccinators and the second about against secular education. Both have the same mind set. The Pro non vaxers are well intended,and the yiddishe mama so sincere but she is sooo wrong. Obviously they come from the same background. You see there isn’t one posek in the entire world, or doctor who says you have the right to injure somebody, even unintentionally, or to cause them to catch your disease. The world had wiped out measles years ago, and now these people want to bring it back with a KAVANA. The reason for non vaccination, autism, was proven false, by removing that INFAMOUS doctor from the medical world years ago…. and they still don’t chap. For them not to vaccinate their children makes them rodfim, even according to their Rav Horav Yoel Teitelbaum ztll. Please read his letter. So it comes out these people who don’t vaccinate are RODFIM against klal Yisroel.

In regards to student not learning basic skills of math, writing,science and history, reading and learning about survival skills, one is lost. They don’t know why they are being arrested, because they are out of touch. Those who reported to the State education department on those yeshivos not teaching basics, are reshayim gemurim but in someway that actually spoke emes. I know about what I am saying! Does any mama really want her son to be poor,and a failure and grappling to survive, like her husband and take from others when he could be giving to others? Hmmmm? Don’ worry, her children will not be an oisvurf, if he knows basic life skills. You see they will come to him for help, he will not go them for help, that’s the difference. He will do it, if he’s brave and not be a “shegets.” He will support the Klal and not take from it – DOS HAIST A MENCH YISROEL – and not a chillul hashem yisroel.

 Regards Chaim Schwartz

Thank you for “Dollar $$ Torah” by B. G. Becker in your issue of
Feb 6.

Hope we’ll be seeing more such intriguing insights from this talented researcher!

All the best,

 Elie Spaeth


 I wanted to reach out to you for some information if possible.  In the last issue of the paper there was a letter titled " From a Newbie" written by Penina Metal.  In it she mentions growing up in Bayonne, N.J.  This is where I am from and I went to the same high school she mentions.  I think I am a little older than she, but I would love to speak with her and compare notes on Bayonne. Could you contact her and give her my phone numbers and email address if she would like to meet?  I also live in Pomona not far from Sherwood Ridge Rd. I would love to hear from her. I don't run into many people from Bayonne!

Thank you for your help.

Judy Dank

 UPDATE: Today I met Penina for the first time and we really enjoyed reminiscing about our Bayonne days.  Thanks to the Monsey Times I was able to connect with her and it really made my day!


Dear Editor

 My husband and I were just driving to Wesley Kosher as darkness was descending. A young woman, clad in a grey jacket  making it nearly impossible to discern that in fact, a human being was walking her bike, NOT on the side-walk adjacent to her, but next to the passing cars on the road! SHE DID NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE CARS THAT JUST MISSED HER! This follows last night's near-incident, chas v'shalom, wherein a young yeshiva boy flew out in front of our car as he crossed in the middle of the road holding up some sort of flashlight, as if that was going to insure his safety!

A newcomer to the area, I would like to know if this issue, i.e. a reckless disregard for one's personal safety, has been addressed in your paper or having previously discussed this inyan, is it a hopeless situation?

 Thank you.

 Mrs. MP