News and Views From Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim

Rabbi Nachum Scheiner gave a shiur at the Night Kollel, at the Night Kollel, learning Hilchos Lulav. The shiur took place on Thursday night, August 30 – on the topic: “Defining the p’sul of a split lulav – its form and size.” There was also a demonstration with a lulav. See above for some highlights.

The Night Kollel, currently learning hilchos lulav, had the privilege to host a shiur from Rabbi Shimon Schreiber, author of B’damaich Chayi, on Tuesday night, Sep. 4. 8:45-9:45pm. Some of the topics he covered are: a Green Lulav until the top, split, and dried out.

He discussed the halachic differences between hadar and chaseir, and if and when one can have kora (the brown barky pieces attached to the lulav) on the lulav. He also pointed out how people spend so much time and money to find the best daled minim, but after a few days of yom tov, don’t have such beautiful daled minim, any more. In actuality, one should try to keep them beautiful for the entire 7 days.

Ohr Chaim Community Learning Center, in conjunction with our Yarchei Kallah, presented a Legal Holiday Shiur given by the esteemed Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin shlit”a, this past Monday, Sept. 3rd, Labor day. He spoke on the topic: “Ein Davar Ha’omeid Bifnei Hateshuvah.”

As usual, these shiurim are available on the shul’s website,, on MP3 in the shul, and many of them are also available on Torahanytime.

 by Shmuel Zitter