Getting Started With An Exercise Routine

Getting yourself to exercise can be a daunting task. It’s very easy to find excuses to avoid it or to keep putting it off for another day. But finding the right routine can make exercise both enjoyable and more likely to be something you stick with. There are no doubt physical activities that are actually fun. Do you like biking, running, going on hikes, swimming or maybe just dancing? Pick some fun activities and make them a routine. Research suggests it’s more likely to last. “We know that when people do activities that they enjoy, they’re more likely to stick with them,” said Ms. Johnson of the Mayo Clinic. 

Before you get started, be sure to check with a doctor or health professional to verify that there’s no reason you shouldn’t be starting an exercise program. And if you’re new to exercise, it’s best to start off slow and gradually increase the volume and intensity of your workouts. Here are some ideas.

  • Take a walk. The easiest, cheapest, and sometimes the most rewarding exercise to do. Choose a hillier route for even better results. Make it a daily practice and it will become a staple of your everyday routine in a brief time. Try it right outside your front door through the neighborhood or just drive to one of the many beautiful walking trails in the Hudson Valley. If the weather is so bad you can’t go outside, find a fun route in the house.
  • Ride a bike. If you don’t own one go out and buy an old used clunker. It’ll cost practically nothing. But the benefits of biking are too numerous to name here and I truly cannot remember anyone ever telling me that riding a bike isn’t an enjoyable experience.
  • Sign up for CrossFit. It provides structured workouts that are tough and metabolically taxing but also certain to whip you into shape. Many people find CrossFit addictive and hugely rewarding. While it can look intimidating, the workouts are designed to be scaled so that anyone can do them.
  • Try jumping on a trampoline. The healthy benefits of this exercise are significant. And it is fun. According to NASA it is one of the most beneficial exercises one can do on earth. It can be done at home with a small trampoline that you could literally have in your garage, a larger backyard variety, or by visiting an indoor trampoline park such as Bounce! Trampoline Sports located right here in Rockland County. Call them (845-268-4000) to find out about their weekly affordable specials
  • Yoga. Buy a book or go online to find out how to start with this unbelievably beneficial form of exercise. It feeds the body, the mind, and has been proven to prolong life by regulating blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and stress reduction. Besides all that…it’s actually relaxing and dare I say fun!

By Michael Gross

Michael is a pioneer in the burgeoning indoor trampoline park industry. He is managing member of Bounce! Trampoline Sports, overseeing the development and operation of 8 locations currently for this franchised brand. His trampoline park located in Valley Cottage, NY was the first of its kind in the tri-state area when it opened in November of 2011. Michael is a founding member of the IATP (international assoc. of trampoline parks) and on the ASTM committee establishing standards for the indoor trampoline park industry. Michael has been involved with health oriented physical activities his whole life and continues a daily regimen of cross fit training at his home in the heart of the Catskill