Bon Secours Urology: Offering Fast Screening, Detection And Treatment For Prostate Cancer, Close To Home

Prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer in men. About one in seven men will be diagnosed with this disease. However, cases detected early are often low-risk and can be treated early and sometimes just observed.

Bon Secours Urology at Good Samaritan Hospital, a member of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth), is dedicated to identifying prostate cancer in its earliest stage -- and skilled physicians maximize the latest technology and equipment to prolong and save lives.

New Fusion-Guided Biopsy: A Cutting-Edge Approach

Good Samaritan Hospital has acquired the premier technology, the KOELIS Trinity system, to precisely target and perform prostate biopsies.

First, a patient undergoes an MRI. A radiologist reviews the scan, marking suspicious areas. Later, in an outpatient setting, an ultrasound probe examines the prostate. Then, KOELIS Trinity technology synchronizes the MRI and ultrasound images, providing a detailed three-dimensional view that guides biopsy needles precisely to the lesion – and eliminates needless searching. Even if a biopsy does not require MRI fusion targeting, the KOELIS system marks the location of all biopsies so the cancer location is precisely determined.

This state-of-the-art equipment leads to faster diagnosis and healing by offering real-time pinpoint precision that detects aggressive cancers. It identifies hidden tumors missed by less-precise biopsies which leads to fewer secondary biopsies and eliminates uncertainty. The software preserves biopsy images and data, which speeds up communication among medical teams and allows for easy comparisons of previous exams to current exams, alerting physicians to change and progress.

Bon Secours Urology's Christopher Dixon, MD, is a leading expert nationwide in this technology, and is sought out for treatment across the nation.

The practice also offers the Rezum Therapy, an innovative treatment for prostate enlargement and related conditions, bringing relief and restoring health. Bon Secours Urology is one of only a few providers in the nation equipped to offer this groundbreaking minimally invasive treatment. Small amounts of steam are delivered to the enlarged prostate, and the vapor’s thermal energy damages cells causing the obstruction. That reduces the prostate’s size and symptoms. Conveniently, only one treatment is needed.

Among other therapy, Bon Secours Urology offers minimally invasive surgery for kidney stones, kidney tumors and bladder tumors. Additionally patients receive expert care for male and female urinary incontinence, reconstructive penile, vaginal and bladder surgery, neurourological issues, and urodynamic therapy.

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 By Alan Roth