Why 95% Of People Never Manage To Achieve Long-Term Health

“Ok. In order to be healthy you got to eat a portion of protein, a portion of veggies and a portion of fat with each meal.  You also got to drink half your weight in ounces, be active 5 times a week. Oh and we must not forget at least 8 hours of sleep and an hour of “me time” each day. Do this and you will be healthy.”

The marketing hype that you see this days leave us with a message that there are certain things you need to live by if you want to be healthy.

A golden standard.

This can easily be interpret as if you don’t live by the golden standard you are not being healthy.

This belief could lead you into believing that health is an all or nothing principle. Either you do everything or you do nothing.

Although health does look like something I described above it does you no good if you don’t actually implement the action into your life.

There is a principle that I believe to be true that goes like this:

“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”

Since we have the belief that health is an all or nothing thing the way we implement the plan into our life is… the all or nothing.

Lets discuss what the all or nothing approach interprets into the real world.

The most popular way I have seen the all or nothing principle to work is as follow.

Week 1: Nailed it. Did everything you needed to do all the time. Jumping on the scale proved it as you lost 5 pounds. More then you expected.

Week 2: Nailed it. A few challenges but that only made you stronger. The scale came through as-well this week. Lost 2 pounds. Not as much as you would like but still great.

Week 3: You made it. Work was stressful this week and still you managed to stay on the program. Feeling kind of drained from the week. All that hard work ad only lost .5 pound.

Week 4: Nailed it. All stress disappeared from work and managed to hit all your behavior goals. This week the scale staid the same. Very disappointing. But this is normal you tell yourself.
Week 5: 2 slip ups. I guess last weeks disappointment mattered more then you thought. Even though you slipped up twice you aged to hold yourself back ten times. Even so the scale shows you gained a pound.

Week 6. You put in all the hard work and you still gained weight. It is over.

All this is completely  understandable.

You are working so hard to change your life.

A life that up until now consist of “whatever you wanted” diet.

Where the only exercise you did was rolling in your sleep which thanks to the high stress level is only about 5 hours a night.

In order to be able to stay a wake you need to have 5+ coffee a day.

To, all of a sudden, the golden standard.

To help you understand why this may be impossible for most people we can compare you to a square peg and the golden standard to a small circle hole.

The all or nothing approach is like taking that peg and pushing as hard as you can into the tiny hole. Unless that peg brakes, it isn’t going to fit.

On the other hand if you take the time to carve the peg to change its shape a little bit while also changing the shape by also carving the hole a little bit.

Keep on doing this until eventually the peg and the hole fit nicely. there is a much higher chance of the peg fitting in to the hole without becoming broken in the process.

The cliche saying that “you are your own competitor” is something that you would be ideal to live by.

Yes, you are right. Living healthy does require you to do many things. trying to do everything at once for 95% of the population leads to long term failure.

The way to achieve long term success is to try and improve yourself each and every day. Even if it is .0001% a day.

If you can improve yourself .0001% each day on a consistent bases it will lead to a life you can only dream about.

The question becomes how do we improve your day by .0001%?

This comes down to learning how to recognize your limiting factor, to create a plan to overcome it and commit to doing it.

All tools that I am personally going to show you how to implement in our “Health Foundation - What You Need To Know And Do So You Can Achieve Long Term Health Once And For All” workshop.

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by Tzvi Smith