Peace Education Opportunity

For the past few months, ever since the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem, the US government officials have been discussing what gesture the US could make to the Palestinian Arab people.

“Peace Education” would constitute the best gesture that the US could grant to the Palestinian Arab people , to mandate that all funds for the Palestinian Arab people be predicated on the establishment of a peace education system.

Indeed, a Palestinian Arab peace education program exists , prepared by Ber Zeit University near Ramallah.

Only one problem: The Beir Zeit U peace education program was vetoed by the PLO and its administrative arm, the Palestinian Authority.

The education that the US government has funded has until now been one of absolute war indoctrination. And that the US has the power to change all that.

Under the PLO which US imposed upon the Palestinian Arab people with President Reagan’s unconditional recognition of the PLO in December , 1988, the Palestinian Arab people have been stuck with an entity that strives to become a totalitarian regime, with no civil liberties or human rights for their people, with its focus on an unchanged PLO Covenant that has united Arab students under one common cause: Dismantling the Zionist entity, albeit in stages.

Not even referred to as Israel any more in the newest PA school books, the sole purpose of every Arab child is defined as the realization of the right of return by force of arms, with no Jew allowed in their midst.

Any Arab who deviates from that line of thinking could face incarceration and summary execution.

After five US presidents stayed solidly within the fold of full loyalty to the PLO as the supposed representative of the Palestinian Arab people, we now have an American President who is ready to think differently.

President Trump has made it clear that he will not tolerate the UNRWA “right of return” dogma, an essential part of a new Palestinian Arab Peace Education Initiative can be a demand that UNRWA allow its five million refugee camp clients the right to leave the UNRWA refugee camps and get on with their lives. At this point in time, any UNRWA client who asks to leave the UNRWA refugee camps can face incarceration and summary execution.

The time has come for the US to tell UNRWA to ” Let their people go”. 

by David Bedein

David Bedein is the Director Israel Resource News Agency Jerusalem 94581 Israel +972-547-222-661