GE Appliances Introduces ‘Shabbos Keeper’ Refrigeration Solution Endorsed by Orthodox Union, Central Rabbinical Congress and Halachic Tech USA

First-of-its-kind device powered by ZMAN Technologies is 100 percent compliant with Jewish Shabbos laws

LOUISVILLE, Ky. After years of development, GE Appliances recently launched the first 100 percent compliant refrigeration solution for the hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews who follow Jewish laws pertaining to Shabbos. Powered by ZMAN Technologies and closely supervised and endorsed by the Orthodox Union (OU), Central Rabbinical Congress (CRC), Halachic Tech USA and the highest order of rabbinical authority in the U.S., the Shabbos Keeper goes beyond typical Shabbos modes, offering a stress-free solution compatible with more than 100 GE Appliances French Door refrigerator models.

“While other Shabbos mode appliances are available, they are not acceptable in all rabbinic opinions,” said Rabbi Tzvi Ortner, advisor to the Orthodox Union and head of Halachic Tech USA. “The Shabbos Keeper, by GE Appliances and ZMAN Technologies, was developed to cover all electrical functions that are in operation without resorting to any extreme methods, making it completely compliant.”

One of the Shabbos Keeper’s key features is an automatic setting developed by Clifton, New Jersey-based ZMAN Technologies that uses location to determine the time of sunset. When in Enhanced Shabbos Mode (EHM), the Shabbos Keeper automatically sets the refrigerator to the Shabbos settings each week, and then reverts to weekday mode after Shabbos (and Yom Tov).

Other features and benefits of the Shabbos Keeper include

Simple setup and activation that is done once and programmed to 2050

Smart look that can be placed on the front, side, or top of refrigerator

Interior lighting that stays lit during Shabbos

Automatic defrosting system

Automatic deactivation of door switches, sensors, internal computers, touch screens, water dispensers and ice makers

72-hour power backup with automatic memory reset after power failure

“Observant Jewish households have been limited in their Shabbos Mode appliance–until now,” said Wendy Treinen, senior manager of public relations at GE Appliances. “The Shabbos Keeper is available in more than 100 GE Appliances refrigerator models and is an example of how we’re offering life-enhancing solutions that improve the everyday lives for our appliance owners.”

According to a Pew Research Center survey, Orthodox Jews are the fastest-growing segment of the Jewish community. According to the latest demographic information, nearly 1 million of the 5.3 million Jews who live in the U.S. observe the Jewish Sabbath. An additional 2 million Jews around the world also observe Shabbos, including in Israel, Europe, South America, and Australia.

The Shabbos Keeper is currently available through GE Appliances dealers and online at or