Mishkan for Hashem (By Moishi Zyskind)

On a shockingly cold day in October, Rabbi Etan Moshe Berman, Rav of Kehilas Zichron Dovid, broke ground on the shul’s new building with a shimmering golden shovel, signaling KZD’s ascension out of the basement from which it has called home for the past 10 years. But why should you care? Throw a stone in Monsey and you’ll hit a pit housing the foundation of a new shul–or the basement window that will soon give birth to one. (Please don’t throw stones.)

The reason you should care is because KZD, Pomona Shul, is an embodiment of its extraordinary members. It is a small shul with an enormous heart. You walk into KZD, you feel immediately welcomed by the Rav, and its mispalellim, and its tireless champion, Ronnie Schwartz. There was a constant battle being waged with the village over permits. But not once did the shul’s founding fathers waver in their commitment of building a Mishkan to Hashem.

Among those present to celebrate was major contributor Rabbi Jerry Berkowitz, the Rav’s father-in-law, for whose son and father the shul is named. Men, women, and children in multitude took turns at the shovel, contributing to the festivities, culminating in music and dancing and cake.

KZD is a family shul, in every sense, and together, as a family, celebrated this groundbreaking. The shul is going to be grand and beautiful. Because of the bricks and mortar that will comprise it. But more so, because of the people who will daven and learn, share and come together, amidst them.