Monsey Community Celebrates Special Hachnasat Sefer Torah at ASHAR

On Sunday, October 21, ASHAR welcomed home the Gittelman Hebrew Day School Sefer Torah at a special Hachnasat Sefer Torah program. Nearly 400 students, parents and members of the Monsey community took part in the parade procession, dancing with the Torah along ASHAR’s New City campus. The gala celebration included a collation and exciting children’s activities, including writing letters on a real klaf with a sofer, making edible Torahs, and more.

“Seven years ago, the Board of Directors of Reuben Gittelman Hebrew Day School decided to sell their facility to an institution that would use their building to teach Torah to Jewish children, rather than to various other potential buyers,” said Rabbi Ari Jacobson, ASHAR’s Menahel. “Their principled decision demonstrated a deep-rooted commitment to Jewish continuity, and ASHAR was the fortunate beneficiary. A few months ago the Gittelman Board graciously decided to present a sefer Torah to ASHAR as an additionally tangible reflection of the primacy of Torah and its central role in fostering Jewish continuity and unity. Sunday’s program was a wonderful opportunity to express our collective hakaras hatov and welcome home this unique Torah scroll, which will now reside in the same aron kodesh it graced for so many years.”