V’harev Na program at Mesivta Shaarei Arazim

It has now become an international phenomenon, transforming the lives of thousands of boys across the globe. But the V’harev Na program, before it took the Torah world by storm, began as a single bekius class – given by Rabbi Dovid Neuman, in Mesivta Shaarei Arazim.

Now, more than a hundred talmidim later, Rabbi Neuman himself still continues to give his shiur to Shaarei Arazim’s twelfth grade bachurim. He continues to inspire yet another generation to know the Gemara “in the bones” – and to keep reaching for greatness.

Another program in Shaarei Arazim is their After-School Program which has brought the benefits of an enrichment program to the wider community. “Success breeds success” has been the driving idea behind the electives that are offered.

This proven recipe is now being implemented in other communities. Already in Monsey and Lakewood, hundreds of boys gain self-esteem and find a sense of accomplishment which spills over into all areas of their lives. They are learning to reach for greatness – the same lesson that their talmidim learn each day.