This article is courtesy of Ohr Chaim Learning Center

The Night Kollel

The Night Kollel, learning Hilchos Basar B’cholov, hosted a shiur, on Tuesday Night, December 25th, given by Rabbi Rabbi Yisroel Gottlieb, Rav of Bais Torah, Monsey, NY. His topic was: “A Crash Course in Basar B’cholov – Understanding the Essential Concepts.”

As the title implies, he walked the participants through the complex ideas and concepts that one needs to know in order to understand properly these intricate halachos. He also brought practical examples of how these fundamental rules play a role in the psak halacha. One example he gave was that whenever he is asked a shaalah about a mix up of milchigs and fleishigs, he makes sure to verify if the utensil was used within the last 24 hours – making it an eino ben yomo – which can often make the difference between being kosher or treif.

Legal Holiday

Ohr Chaim Community Learning Center – in conjunction with their Yarchei Kallah – hosted a Legal Holiday Program on Tuesday, December 25, given by Rabbi Daniel Kalish, Menahel of Mesivta of Waterbury, on the topic of Shovavim.

Another fascinating program took place on Tuesday, January 1. Rabbi Avraham Kahan, Rav of Kehilas New City, and Dayan, Vaad Hadin V’horaah, started the morning’s program with the topic: “How to set up your assets to comply with Halacha.” This was followed by another presentation, given by Jeffry Feinstein, Financial Advisor for Lenox Advisors. He discussed: “Asset Management: What you need to know about Life Insurance and Charitable Giving.” This was followed by a Q&A Session.

The overflow crowd was treated to a virtual walk-through of these fundamental but intricate topics. Some examples of the questions discussed were: Has your will been set up to conform to Halacha? Will your partnership agreement hold up in Beis Din? What is the proper way to give tzedaka? Many life insurance brokers and accountants who were there walked away amazed at the phenomenal knowledge gained in how to give Torah-true financial advice. This do-not-miss shiur is still available on the shul’s website, and on MP3 in the shul.

As always, these shiurim are available on the shul’s website,, and on MP3 in the shul. To receive updates of upcoming shiurim, or to access any of Ohr Chaim’s previous shiurim, please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or follow the prompts on the website to get a link to the shiurim.

Shovavim Initiative:

Once again, the highly acclaimed Shovavim Program has started this past Friday morning. This learning program takes place every Friday morning of these auspicious weeks, from 4AM-7AM, followed by Shachris and breakfast, with Matan Scharah B’tzidah. Come join this grand Kiddush Hashem, together who with the many who come to learn in the wee hours of the morning, as most of the population are still sleeping soundly!