Transport Of Rockland – TOR – Buses Keep Rockland Rolling

TOR bus routes provide low cost convenient transportation to most neighborhoods in the area. “Monsey Loops” circulate through the smaller local streets, while TOR routes #59, #94, #93 and LOOP #3 pass through Ramapo for bus trips to other parts of Rockland County. A passenger can transfer between routes at many locations for a reduced “transfer” fare. The schedules and maps for those routes are on board TOR buses. Residents can also see them at or can request by mail at (845) 364-3333. TOR bus fares are Cash $2, Half-Fare $1 or SuperSaver tickets $1.10 per ride. Wave down the bus at any safe location. Please practice pedestrian safety. SEE AND BE SEEN.

The TOR “Monsey Shopper” buses are LOOP #1 and LOOP #2. Both routes are based out of Shopper’s Haven Rockland Kosher parking lot. Loop 1 travels up Highway 306 (Main St.) to Maple Leaf Road, serves many small streets, then Suzanne Drive, Ellish Parkway, Park Lane, Robert Pitt Drive, the Atrium and Amazing Savings before returning to Rockland Kosher.

LOOP #2 travels in both directions. Loop 2 EASTBOUND takes Highway 306 (Main St.) to a left on Highway 59 East, through Amazing Savings Plaza and the Atrium Plaza before entering local Monsey streets via Robert Pitt Drive, Monsey Blvd., Suzanne Drive, Francis Place, Merrick Drive, Kearsing Parkway, Calvert Drive and 306 back to Rockland Kosher. Loop 2 WESTBOUND bus departs from Shopper’s Haven in the opposite direction serving the same streets as the Eastbound trips, but in the opposite direction. Passengers can choose the quickest bus, Eastbound or Westbound, for their destination.

by Michael Prendergast

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