New Tappan Zee Bridge Expected To Open In Full Within Weeks

With an opening date scheduled for mid-September, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a tour of the new Tappan Zee Bridge on Monday to check out the progress.

Since the move to the first span of the new bridge last year, work crews have been focusing on taking apart the old bridge.

To date, officials said the deck panels have been removed and sent upstate to help shore up various infrastructure projects and some larger steel pieces have been sunk off the coast to create artificial reefs.

“I’m pleased to report that thanks to the tireless work of the women and men building the new bridge, the project will be completed in mid-September if Mother Nature cooperates,” Cuomo said.

Since the opening of the first span, both Westchester and Rockland-bound traffic have traveled over eight lanes on the one span.

Next month, traffic will shift Westchester-bound traffic moved to the new, as yet unopened span, and Rockland-bound traffic remaining on the current span.

Details on how and the exact date of when it will happen have not been released.

“The new bridge will improve traffic flow and maximize the economic potential of the region, and is a symbol of New York’s ability to accomplish big things for the people of this state,” Cuomo added.