Yeshiva Spring Valley Newsbrief

About our special “Mentchen”

RABBI LEFKOWITZ’S 5TH GRADE CLASS is working hard on learning the causes and how to be careful with Onnas Devorim through the Shomrei Halashon Program.

The class won the national raffle to be able to choose a boy to win a prize. Pictured here is Shlomy Rosenfeld who won the chocolate fountain from the Moshlei Halashon Program. Maybe next month we will be able to win an ice cream party for the whole class. Keep it up 5th grade and continue to be Moshlei Halashon!

THE GIRLS IN MRS. BERGER’S 6TH GRADE CLASS received an outline for a Mystery Puzzle Piece Book Report. Their goal was to create a nine-piece puzzle, on an oak tag, that gives the reader clues about the mystery story they read. They assembled their puzzle “book report” in class and decorated the oak tag. They worked very diligently and the final outcome was magnificent. At Parent-Teacher Conferences, please admire the students’ work, which is displayed in the corridors. If you can find Sherlock Holmes III, please let us know, so he can solve all the mysteries for us.