Yeshiva Spring Valley Newsbrief

Rabbi Malin’s Pre 1A Boys used yard sticks to build words with אותיות and נקודות.

Every Rosh Chodesh the 2nd grades get together upstairs in the Bais HaMedrosh to say הלל . On זאת חנוכה , the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders all got together for an amazing הלל ! Rabbi Eisgrau led the הלל , and all the Rebbeim were in attendance for this most inspiring event!

THE GIRLS IN MRS. MOEBUS’S 2ND GRADE CLASS had a wonderful learning experience as they made, modge podged and painted their 3D globes. The girls created the world when they put the 7 continents and the 4 oceans on their globe. What a great “hands-on” activity to review their geography skills.

SAFETY IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Recently some children have been cited for misbehaving and bullying on buses, which can compromise the safety of ALL the children.

Parents are requested to encourage their children, and to remind them from time to time, to adhere to the following rules:

v Do not get off the curb before the bus door is open.

v No pushing going onto the bus or in the bus.

v No standing on seats or in the aisles.


v Issues are to be settled in Yeshiva, not on the bus.

v Respect your bus driver.

v Sit quietly and show respect to each other.

v Do not put hands out of the window.

v Do not throw anything out of the window.

Let’s make a Kiddush Hashem!

MRS. LANGER’S 6TH GRADE has begun their study of Jewish History. The girls will learn that despite all the travails and suffering the Jews have experienced, with Hashem’s help we have survived and thrived. The girls will also gain an understanding of how the impact of our history continue to affect us today.