Yeshiva Spring Valley Newsbrief

About Our Special “Mentchen”

THE ANNUAL KEDUSHAS AINAYIM PROGRAM is really “knocking” away, or should we say “popping” away? This past Monday, the smell of freshly popped popcorn permeated the building as over 200 boys from the younger grades were rewarded for their participation in the Kedushas Ainayim program. The boys really enjoyed the delicious treat, and it seems that Rabbi Simon’s office might smell like popcorn until חנוכה! Our first KA trip is right around the corner, so keep bringing in those cards!

From the Girls’ Gallery

MORAH GELLER’S ‘ד כתה mastered the שפה units of בגדים and צבעים ,and proudly presented their ארונות to Mrs. Weisbord in עברית .Thank you so much Mrs. Weisbord for motivating us to be fluent עברית speakers.

Looking in on Our Pre-School Players

From last week’s “ה is for הצלה”…

Last Thursday our preschool teachers had a very informative workshop. Mrs. Rivky Perlow from Torah Umesorah came and gave a workshop on the topic of “Understanding the Difficult Child”. She taught us how to implement ideas in our classroom to empower the children who are experiencing difficulties in social, emotional and behavioral issues. We all should have success when using these ideas.

For the letter “D” we had Dr. Lifshitz, Rochel Lazar’s Zaidy, come and speak to us on the importance of dental hygiene. He spoke to us about how to keep our teeth clean and what foods to stay away from to prevent cavities. After, they all received stickers.

Thank you so much for taking out time from your busy schedule!