Rav Avraham Yeshaya Karelitz zt”l, the Chazon Ish, Yahrtzeit on 15 Cheshvan

A question was once posed to the Chazon Ish zt”l by a person who had a choice to daven in a shul on Rosh Hashana where he would be able to bring his child, or to daven in a yeshivah minyan where the tefillos are perhaps more intense and more of an uplifting experience – but he could not bring the child along. The Chazon Ish made it very clear that he should daven in the shul with his son sitting next to him since it is very important for a child to see the tears of a Tatte or Zaida and the kavanna he davens with during the Yamim Noraim. This will create an everlasting impression with the child as he grows up and will imbue him with Yiras Shamayim.