Spotlight On Toras Dovid Kollel

The Toras Dovid Community Kollel is all about bringing out the great potential that lies within. The Kollel began two years ago as a first seder program for Baalei Teshuvah to continue growing in their learning and develop leadership skills. Since then the Kollel has blossomed into a three seder, multifaceted program including a night seder that had rejuvenated the Ohr Somayach Bais Medrash. The 30 yungerleit and older bachurim hail from every continent on the globe. This diversity seems to add to the excitement and enthusiasm that permeates every program the Kollel embarks on. While some members are breaking their teeth over Rashi, others are clarifying intricate comments of Shach and Taz on Yoreh Deah. In spite of their geographical and academic differences, the members of the Kollel see themselves unified in this great endeavor to bring out their own potential, as well as to help their fellow Jew discover his own potential.

The Kollel also believes in a holistic, family centered approach to growth which includes the wives of the yungerleit. Throughout the year Nishei Toras Dovid hosts social and educational programs for the women to help bring out their potential as elevated and dedicated bnos Yisrael.

 by Aron Rosenberg